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Periphery – Atropos

Music Video

Creative directed by Rod Chong, Periphery’s “Atropos” music video takes viewers on an immersive journey into a dystopian landscape. 

The narrative cleverly weaves in moments of ‘selfie’ culture, reflecting our contemporary obsession with self-image. This exploration highlights a subtle shift towards a new form of control, offering a critical perspective on our media-saturated society. 

“The irony of using AI to bring a music video about AI to life is not lost on us. Our aim was to portray humanity’s media fixation, even amidst a war-torn world, as a new form of deity emerges and gains control over us.”

– Rod Chong, Creative Director

Periphery – Atropos music video is a testament to the exciting possibilities that emerge when creativity meets technology. Through the innovative use of AI to regenerate every frame, the video weaves together live-action, AI-processed visuals, and motion graphics, creating a truly unique experience. 

Among the easter eggs is an AI poetry from ChatGPT, adding to the project’s innovative spirit. With over 600K views to date, this production has been one of the most exciting and compelling work I’ve been involved in. 


A Race Service Production

Director / Executive Producer – Rod Chong
Producer – OZ Ozmen
AI Artist – Hueman Instrument
Choreographer / Performer – Eric Cheung
Performer – ZYI @eyeofzyi
Director of Photography – Ekaterina Gorbacheva
Camera Operator / Post Supervisor – Carlos Uriostegui
Editor – Alex Vivian
Production Manager – Christina Alba
Gaffer – William Grossman
Grip – Sophie Perez
Wardrobe Stylist -Sebastian Mejia
Hair and Make Up Artist – Phoebe Dawson
Motion GFX / Post Processing – Nicolas Kadima
Background Animations – Tyler Dillman

BTS & Concept Photos by Ekaterina Gorbacheva

Special thanks to Misha Mansoor and entire Periphery management and Andrew Kappas from Monarch Studios, Nathaniel from Hueman Instruments and Andrew Cramb from Race Service.