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Republic of Gamers RMT02 Launch

Event Ideation, Event Production, Seeding, Documentary, Event Coverage, Social Media Content, PR

Race Service brought to life an unforgettable spectacle with the ACRONYM x ASUS RMT02 launch, an event that seamlessly merged the worlds of gaming, design, fashion, and digital art. Set within the industrial chic of Autoconduct in the Art District Downtown Los Angeles, we transformed an ordinary venue into an extraordinary immersive sensory world, an edgy, underground cosmos unto itself.

A colossal 53-foot digital installation by Ryoji Ikeda, the Paris and Kyoto-based audio-visual artist, became the heart of this universe, pulsating with raw energy and intricate patterns. This dazzling display was further complemented by the metallic gleam of Bisimoto’s Acronym Car, a masterpiece of automotive design that we had originally conceptualized as part of the SKYANYCOLOUR collaboration years back. Its presence served as an awe-inspiring centerpiece, silently narrating a tale of innovation and collaboration.

Around this nucleus of digital and automotive artistry, the event unfolded with remarkable dynamism. Over 500 guests, a motley crew of enthusiasts and influencers, buzzed with anticipation and excitement. Their energy was palpable, feeding into the event’s vibrant atmosphere. In addition to the main event, we organized a panel discussion featuring prominent figures from various industries, offering attendees a deeper insight into the fascinating intersection of technology, design, and art.

In parallel with the event, we crafted unique apparel, developed an engaging NFT game, seeded the laptop to influencers, and produced a documentary capturing the intricate process of the laptop’s creation. 

As an Executive Producer, I contributed significantly to this expansive project by managing the budget for the event and overseeing the production of all media pieces, including the documentary. An unforgettable experience, the event epitomized our innovative spirit and the immense potential of creative and technological collaborations.