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Lionsgate’s Safety Guidelines
Lionsgate Motion Picture group just released its 'New Production Safety Guidelines.'  The guideline focuses on 4 main steps: Distance, Sanitation, Enforcement and Change.
  1. Distance: No visitors allowed, minimum of 6 feet distance and increase physical space between cast and crew members except for some crew positions. (like Hair, Makeup, Sound, or Wardrobe Departments)
  2. Sanitation: Hand Sanitizer should be available and accessible, wipes and gloves should be provided. The cleaning service should be engaged.
  3. Enforcement: No admittance for symptoms, health personnel to monitor, video village being cordoned, etc.
  4. Change: Stating the company and Production staff need to focus on current necessity.


  • The guideline has a specific pod idea to separate the teams into groups,
    • Just like how I suggested – an idea based on Australian TV show Neighbours’
  • Catering and Craft services would be individually packed.
  • The guideline suggests “French Hours” – where the crew can take a break when possible for 15 minutes to eat within a serving window of 2 or 3 hours. Also suggests 10 hours on set (vs 12 or longer hours)
  • Guideline details suggestions for tech scout in individual cars, testing crew, and creating a quarantine area for items coming from outside.

The 2 original ideas that came from this guideline was the quarantine area to disinfect items coming to set and also French hours – working less than 12 hours.

Overall Lionsgate’s Safety Guidelines, written more like a Safety Meeting Notes, already started the discussion in Facebook groups for us to get ready for the upcoming era in film production.

Curious about what other production companies are planning to do? I just wrote about it.

For fellow producers, creatives, cast & crew members I present you Guideline for Film & Video Production during Covid-19.

A detailed copy of this is in a Google Doc for you to comment on. 

I invite you to supplement these guidelines with your ideas, your comments, and suggestions.

(For comments and discussion, see you on the previous post about the Guidelines.)



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