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Mastering the Symphony of Entertainment Production

Where creativity meets execution, I stand as the bridge, transforming bold ideas into tangible realities. I have over a decade of experience spanning film, television, live events, and digital content. I’ve built and implemented systems that bring artistic ambitions to life – in the most efficient ways. I work with mega-brands, experienced filmmakers, innovative directors, and social creators.

I harmonize ambitious creative visions with operational excellence.

As a Production Executive and Creative Operations leader, I strategize, budget, schedule, and lead producers. I have a track record of guiding multiple complex projects toward operational efficiency through the development of customized tools that streamline production processes and enhance team collaboration.

I’ve worked with leading brands such as Porsche, DreamWorks, Hot Wheels, Playboy, Formula 1, and Ford, to name a few. These experiences sharpened my skills in leading cross-functional teams, strategizing alongside CEOs, and balancing the art of production with the science of cost efficiency and revenue maximization.

Currently, I am a full-time Operations Manager and Line Producer / Production Executive for a Los Angeles-based creative agency and culture hub, Race ServiceRS specializes in crafting socially-driven content and formulating brand strategies, committed to pioneering aesthetics in motorsports culture and fashion. Our powerful team executes their unique creative services for mega brands such as Mercedes AMG, Porsche, Hot Wheels, Heineken, Formula 1, Electronic Arts, LiveWire, Shell, Aston Martin, McLaren, Volkswagen, Snap On and Acronym. 

I also work with director Éli Sokhn, who gathered over a billion views with his innovative videos and support Badass Kid as Production and Creative Operations Advisor, taking on the responsibilities of Head of Production.

My intention with this website is to support producers, filmmakers, and creative entrepreneurs by sharing creative operation tips, production checklists, and useful Google sheet templates. 

Also, I am always up to something exciting. So, let’s connect ↓🔗


O.Z. Ozmen