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Budgeting For The First Time

Do you want to be a line producer? Are you budgeting for the first time? Here, I shared a few questions to ask when you are estimating the costs of an idea, a creative treatment, or a script.

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How they tried to scam my production company

As the economy is opening back up for business, so are the scammers. I had been contacted with a job offer, received a check, and asked to deposit it before any agreement was in place. Here is how the scammers tried to steal money from me.

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5 Things That May Break Your Budget

Creativity is limitless. However, your resources may be limited. If you are on a budget, there are few elements in film & video production that you may want to revise in your creative or that you may need to save more money to accomplish.

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I am the glue that holds creative productions together.

I have over 10 years of producing experience in film, television, live events, digital, and advertising.

I am a line producer who specializes in production operations and resource management. I build and implement systems and tools that enable the creative vision to be realized in the most efficient way possible. I keep productions running under budget and on time, and have fun while doing it.

Brands I’ve worked with include: Sesame Street, Ford, Lexus, DreamWorks, Hot Wheels, Turkish Airlines, Playboy, Omaze, Volkswagen

Currently, I am a full time Operations Manager and Line Producer for creative agency and culture hub Race Service.

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